{July 17, 2011}   Chapter 4: Ready for new Changes

The family reunited during dinner time. Betty cooked some spaghetti, salad and meat. Parents were very enthusiastic to learn more about kids’ first day at school. They started questioning Kathy. Even Kathy was younger than Anelle, she was very outgoing. She could make any friend everywhere. She is always talkative, generous and sweet. Her heart- shaped face makes her looking like a little china doll. Her hair is long and always tied in pony tail. She knows a lot about new stuffs and fashion trends. She always checks new girly items online, and requests her mom or dad to get them. Anelle considers the parenting style a little bit permissive toward Kathy. However, she loves Kathy as a biological sister, so Anelle imagines herself being jealous of her little sister. Kathy states she already made 3 or 4 friends. She plans to invite all of them for pajama night at her home. Her parents agreed and were very surprised and proud of her.
“How about you Anelle? How was your day at school?” Richard questioned.
“It was fine. I met one girl named Colleen. She also moved from another state to Ohio. I think she is pretty smart girl. We decided to form study group sometimes.”
“ How about the boys? You are pretty girl, just a little sloppy. If you want, I will take you tomorrow to mall, and we get some new clothing for you”
“Mom, you know what type of girl I am. I consider myself an Artist. I don’t go to School to impress anyone. All I want is graduating and go to College. I am not looking for a boyfriend right now. There are only 2 remained years to finish High School. I believe I will find more interesting guys in College” Anelle was annoyed with her mother’s comments.
“I know sweetie, I am just trying to be a mom. Most mothers say the same thing to their daughters. You are ok with your choices. But, you know about the school you are going now. Most kids are from rich families. You have to fit in, or they might…”
“It is enough Betty, you don’t have to force Anelle to be like them” Richard interrupted.
“ Might do what Momma? What do you mean?
“Richard, please! Anelle is already 16. We can not always overprotect her. She must know because I think she is so naïve for her age. Annie, listen… Three years ago, me and your dad read news about Ohio. We heard about 2 girls who committed suicides in your school. The reason was “they were bullied”. They were pretty girls like you, new students and shy. One had panic attack and the other girl was a foreigner. There are many jealous and mean girls there. Some of them are not confident about themselves, and they would do anything to hurt others to get some self-esteem. Those 2 victims were nice girls. So, they were easy targets. One girl hanged herself in her bedroom, and the other one shot herself. I believe their family is broken now. Listen your mother Annie, me and your daddy raised you as an extraordinary girl. We always taught you and your sister to respect others. You learnt a lot from us. But, we didn’t tell you some people are not like you. You are just so nice, a good daughter, and an excellent sister for Kathy.” Betty was almost crying when she told this to Anelle
“Mom, I understand your point. To be honest, I read this new too. I know you and daddy would forbid me to read. But, I just did. I believe this is possible to happen to me or not. Today, I made one friend. I didn’t expect it. This is already a good new. I know I am a shy, people can hurt me. But, I want to make the scars to be a learning experience. If something bad happens, all I need to do is moving to another school.”
“Annie is very mature for her age. I am proud of her. You will attend College and I can’t wait to see your works displayed in Best Art Galleries in New York City” Richard ended the conversation by giving some compliments to Anelle.


Aesa says:

The parents always want what there is of better for their childrens…(..^_~..)

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