The family reunited during dinner time. Betty cooked some spaghetti, salad and meat. Parents were very enthusiastic to learn more about kids’ first day at school. They started questioning Kathy. Even Kathy was younger than Anelle, she was very outgoing. She could make any friend everywhere. She is always talkative, generous and sweet. Her heart- shaped face makes her looking like a little china doll. Her hair is long and always tied in pony tail. She knows a lot about new stuffs and fashion trends. She always checks new girly items online, and requests her mom or dad to get them. Anelle considers the parenting style a little bit permissive toward Kathy. However, she loves Kathy as a biological sister, so Anelle imagines herself being jealous of her little sister. Kathy states she already made 3 or 4 friends. She plans to invite all of them for pajama night at her home. Her parents agreed and were very surprised and proud of her.
“How about you Anelle? How was your day at school?” Richard questioned.
“It was fine. I met one girl named Colleen. She also moved from another state to Ohio. I think she is pretty smart girl. We decided to form study group sometimes.”
“ How about the boys? You are pretty girl, just a little sloppy. If you want, I will take you tomorrow to mall, and we get some new clothing for you”
“Mom, you know what type of girl I am. I consider myself an Artist. I don’t go to School to impress anyone. All I want is graduating and go to College. I am not looking for a boyfriend right now. There are only 2 remained years to finish High School. I believe I will find more interesting guys in College” Anelle was annoyed with her mother’s comments.
“I know sweetie, I am just trying to be a mom. Most mothers say the same thing to their daughters. You are ok with your choices. But, you know about the school you are going now. Most kids are from rich families. You have to fit in, or they might…”
“It is enough Betty, you don’t have to force Anelle to be like them” Richard interrupted.
“ Might do what Momma? What do you mean?
“Richard, please! Anelle is already 16. We can not always overprotect her. She must know because I think she is so naïve for her age. Annie, listen… Three years ago, me and your dad read news about Ohio. We heard about 2 girls who committed suicides in your school. The reason was “they were bullied”. They were pretty girls like you, new students and shy. One had panic attack and the other girl was a foreigner. There are many jealous and mean girls there. Some of them are not confident about themselves, and they would do anything to hurt others to get some self-esteem. Those 2 victims were nice girls. So, they were easy targets. One girl hanged herself in her bedroom, and the other one shot herself. I believe their family is broken now. Listen your mother Annie, me and your daddy raised you as an extraordinary girl. We always taught you and your sister to respect others. You learnt a lot from us. But, we didn’t tell you some people are not like you. You are just so nice, a good daughter, and an excellent sister for Kathy.” Betty was almost crying when she told this to Anelle
“Mom, I understand your point. To be honest, I read this new too. I know you and daddy would forbid me to read. But, I just did. I believe this is possible to happen to me or not. Today, I made one friend. I didn’t expect it. This is already a good new. I know I am a shy, people can hurt me. But, I want to make the scars to be a learning experience. If something bad happens, all I need to do is moving to another school.”
“Annie is very mature for her age. I am proud of her. You will attend College and I can’t wait to see your works displayed in Best Art Galleries in New York City” Richard ended the conversation by giving some compliments to Anelle.


{July 10, 2011}   Chapter 3: Back to School

It was fall. After vacation, there is always something very common at schools. Students laughing, telling about amazing trips and some very excited to be back to School. Betty took kids to go to school while Richard went to the new job. First, she had to leave Anelle before taking Kathy to her elementary school. Anelle left the car and stands in front of school. She was observing the details. That school was really enormous comparing to her the school in her old town. Obviously, she was nervous for being a shy person and for a huge change in her life. In her mind, she was wondering if she could make new friends, if she would fit in groups or feel accepted.. Anelle never wears brand new clothing. She enjoys a cool jeans and a cute shirt. She views herself as an Artist and not a popular girl. She never felt rejected by anyone because she never asked to be accepted. Anelle found her locker and left some of her stuffs inside. Her room was in third floor, so she walked, and she finally felt there was no reason to be scared because she is just being herself. She comes in, and only found a chair in the corner behind all classmates. Perhaps, it will make her to look like an outsider. However, she feels comfortable since nobody is going to notice her. Anelle was ready to watch the class, but she did not expect to be introduced to class. She has never had to introduce in public, since she always studied at the same school, same town and same classmates. Moreover, she had no choice. So, decided to encourage herself and stands up to talk a little about her “Hi everyone, my name is Anelle. I am from Athen, Texas. I just arrived Ohio 2 days ago”.
After this deeply breath introductory discussion, she looked at each ones faces’ expressions. Some did not react, some smiled, some just say “Hi there” and some were ironical “Huh, which city is that?” During the lunch break, the first thing that Anelle was worried is who would sit with her, and have lunch with her. She would attempt to come first to any group. But, her shyness always interrupted her. She was almost arriving to the cafeteria when a voice shows up “Hey Anelle, my name is Colleen, I heard you are from Texas. But, I just moved 2 years ago from South Carolina. How are you?” Anelle looks and she recognized her classmate. She remembers she smiled to her during her speech. She quickly hold her hand and replies “Nice to meet you Colleen, yeah it is my first day here. This moving is really a big change for me”.
“Yes, you said that. I know how it feels. This school is an elite school. I was not very fond to study here. But, I have to go to College” responds Diane. Diane was a cute girl wearing glasses. She wears a knitted blouse and a plaid skirt. She reminds some of those smart girls who enjoys Literature and Math.
“What are your plans for the College?” Anelle asked curiously.
“I love History and Poems. I am just not sure if I want to pursue a career in Sociology or Education. I also play piano since I was a little girl. My family encourages me to attend a Music school. It would be great to play in a Classic Concert. But, I know how competitive it is. My dream is working with kids. I only child, but I always wished to have little brothers and sisters. How about you? Have you thought in any major yet?” – Colleen replied.
“ Yes, I want to attend Graphic Design School. I love to draw. New York City is my first plan. I dream to have my illustrations published in Magazines or Children’s Books. I have some works and scratches at home. You should come sometimes. So, you can tell if they are good or not. Since you love kids, and my illustration could be or not be educative. Oh yes, I have a little sister named Kathy”
“Wow, what such interesting plan. I would like to see your works and you have a sister? Lucky you! I would love to meet her for sure”
“ Frankly, she is only my half sister. My mother remarried after my dad passed away. But, we both get along well. We are a closed family”
“Interesting, we should schedule anytime. Here, get a tray” Colleen delivered a tray to Anelle. “The food sounds nice. They got a section of Pizza, mashed potatoes, corn dogs and burgers. I know they are not healthy at all. But, I am a passionate person. I eat what I can.”.
The two new friends sound very closed since the first day at school. Anelle was more confident that some changes might be good. Perhaps, the changes can improve her to become more outgoing and sociable.

et cetera