{June 16, 2011}   Chapter 2: New town and new home

It was a beautiful sunny day. Anelle has been once in New York City. The city is metropolitan in Cleveland, Ohio. However, the buildings still are not comparable to New York City. The city looks neat and there are many wealthy people in Cleveland. Anelle loves New York City because of Museums of Fine Arts. She considers the city a great place to study Illustration. After a tiring trip, they finally arrived to their 3 bedrooms home. The house looks smaller than their previous home. The reason is because the things and taxes are more costly than her previous town. But, the girls were happy for changes. None of them complained and they couldn’t wait to see their new home. The new house reminds a little about Victorian homes, very old. It was home well furnished but it was not extravagant. Anelle went to her bedroom and saw a new neon green laptop on her desk. She turned on and found the new Program called Photoshop Illustrator, a new and last version of Illustrator Program. The family was moving all stuffs to the new home and they decided to have dinner at a local restaurant. They went to popular steak house. Richard played and joked with the girls. They ordered Ribs, steaks, grilled chicken, and corn soup. After 2 hours of dinner time, they all decided to go home because they were really ready to rest after the trip. Anelle went to her bedroom but she forgot something. She went to her living room and saw her stepfather watching baseball game on sofa.
She said “Daddy Richard, I just want to thank you for your thoughtful gift”
Richard turned head back to see her and answered cordially “You are welcome Annie, remember we do have some disagreements sometimes. But, I do care about you. I know you want to go to College. Just don’t forget you have to pass not only in Art exam to attend College”. Anelle shaked the head and responded with a shy smile “I will keep in mind, good night daddy”.
“Good Night my daughter”
Anelle was convinced that Richard could be annoying sometimes. But, she knows he is too good to be a stepfather. She was more grateful that he gave her a lovable sister Kathy, and makes her mother very happy. It was almost midnight she had to sleep because she would be prepared for new school in next 2 days.


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