It was a beautiful sunny day. Anelle has been once in New York City. The city is metropolitan in Cleveland, Ohio. However, the buildings still are not comparable to New York City. The city looks neat and there are many wealthy people in Cleveland. Anelle loves New York City because of Museums of Fine Arts. She considers the city a great place to study Illustration. After a tiring trip, they finally arrived to their 3 bedrooms home. The house looks smaller than their previous home. The reason is because the things and taxes are more costly than her previous town. But, the girls were happy for changes. None of them complained and they couldn’t wait to see their new home. The new house reminds a little about Victorian homes, very old. It was home well furnished but it was not extravagant. Anelle went to her bedroom and saw a new neon green laptop on her desk. She turned on and found the new Program called Photoshop Illustrator, a new and last version of Illustrator Program. The family was moving all stuffs to the new home and they decided to have dinner at a local restaurant. They went to popular steak house. Richard played and joked with the girls. They ordered Ribs, steaks, grilled chicken, and corn soup. After 2 hours of dinner time, they all decided to go home because they were really ready to rest after the trip. Anelle went to her bedroom but she forgot something. She went to her living room and saw her stepfather watching baseball game on sofa.
She said “Daddy Richard, I just want to thank you for your thoughtful gift”
Richard turned head back to see her and answered cordially “You are welcome Annie, remember we do have some disagreements sometimes. But, I do care about you. I know you want to go to College. Just don’t forget you have to pass not only in Art exam to attend College”. Anelle shaked the head and responded with a shy smile “I will keep in mind, good night daddy”.
“Good Night my daughter”
Anelle was convinced that Richard could be annoying sometimes. But, she knows he is too good to be a stepfather. She was more grateful that he gave her a lovable sister Kathy, and makes her mother very happy. It was almost midnight she had to sleep because she would be prepared for new school in next 2 days.


{June 13, 2011}   Chapter 1: The family

Anelle is quiet and shy girl who resides with her parents and her little nine years old sister. Her real father died from brain tumor when she was just four. Then, her mother remarried a bagel store owner. The family’s business always goes well. However, they decided to move from a little town Athens in Texas to Cleveland in Ohio. Anelle used to have few but very close friends. Her parents routines were going to church every Sunday. Anelle just started her 16th year this year. She has never been very popular at school. She only dated a guy named Greg who also goes to the same church as hers. Her looks is just like any average girl. But, she never had a great self-esteem. Her hair was dark brown, straight but full. She has some Asian inheritance from her mother’s side. Her eyes were very dark almond. She is not very skinny like a model. However, she enjoys walking in the park every afternoon with her little sister and the German shepherd dog named “Sam”. Her daily activities such as exercising once in a while and eating healthy meals allowed her to be in shape. But, she enjoys some sweets with her little sister sometimes. Her puberty made her mature early in her teen years. Her body is very curvy and she is a little chunky in her bottoms but nothing makes her look out of the ordinary. She studied in a little Christian School. There are always the most and least popular kids. However, the school would enforce rules against bullying. There are always parents/teachers meeting every semester. Additionally, most kids know each other because they live in a very small town and goes to the same church.
Her little sister Kathy is very close to Anelle despite they are not from same biological father. Her mother Betty is Cambodian- American. Anelle always admired her mother’s beauty. That woman was vain. She just remains like those retro Asian movie stars. Her mother’s past was a mystery. Anelle only once heard from an aunt a little bit about her mom. Anelle was told her mother got pregnant of Anelle and left the family when she was underage to live with her father. For this reason, Betty’s family disowned her. Anelle does not have many memories of her real father. The only event she remembered was being taken to a Carnival where she saw colorful balloons in the air. She still have the single picture of her father stored in her journal. Her father wears a Marine’s uniform. He was tall and handsome with no expressions on his face. When Anelle is sad, she puts all her feelings in her journal. She pretends she is speaking to her father in her journal. Her stepfather Richard is hardworking and a serious man. He was not authoritarian at all. But, he knows how to discipline his kids. Anelle is often targeted even sometimes she does not consider her actions very disrespectful. She was not a party girl, she enjoys her free time drawing, hanging out with close friends and writing in her journal. Her stepfather complains when she stays late writing or drawing. Anelle feels uncomfortable with his attitudes, however, she always keep to herself because she could definitely understand that being a stepchild is not always easy.
During a Sunday morning, some kids either ran in the yard or go to church with their families. Anelle and her family prepare to move to a new home,in a new town that’s in another State. The reason to move was because Richard decided to sell his bagel store, because he is unsatisfied to be only a bagel store owner. He received a job offer in Software Company in Cleveland Ohio. It is a big change for the entire family. But, their dreams always come first. They just called the moving company which offers trucks to move their furnitures and belongings. Anelle had to say goodbye suddenly to her close friends.
“Are you coming back to visit us sometimes Anelle?” said Kristen one of her best friend.
“Silly girl, of course I will. I promise I will write you all every week. You know it is hard for me to leave you all, but I got no choice” responded Anelle with tearful eyes. She hugged all the girls and she found Greg, her ex standing close by. “Bye Greg, I want to keep in touch with you too” Anelle hugged him tightly believing he still feels something for her. He always did. He was a sweet guy. Anelle was just not ready to keep the relationship going on since she was very mature for her age. She did not want to end like many girls from her town getting married after High School. She had dreams to attend college and become an Illustrator.
Her illustrations were very creative and deep. She was inspired by Children books and Surrealism. She loves to draw little kids or animals in a world that only belongs to her imagination. After an hour of farewell speeches, she and her family finally left by her stepfather’s car. Her stepfather promised to buy her a new computer with a new Illustrator Computer Program. Anelle’s smile showed a thankful expression. Sometimes, Anelle sees her stepfather’s quality as a real father. She loves him, and tries to understand his views. Kathy, her little adorable sister, laid on Anelle’s legs and said “Annie (she calls her Annie), do they have Parks in Cleveland? We must go sometimes.” Her father looked in the car’s mirror and smiled “Princess, they are more modern. You will not only find parks, but they have great stores and malls there”. Kathy jumped over the sit and shouted “Yayyy, I want a Pink Nintendo DS and many stuffed animals”. Betty ironically responded “When was the last time you didn’t get anything?”.
They seem a happy and traditional family travelling on the road. They know it is a long trip and probably it would take two days to arrive. They will stay in any Inns/Hotels during the trip.

{June 13, 2011}   My first book cover

This is the cover of my book. Remmember I am not a professional writer. I am only a freelance writer. I really want to offer some fun here in my blog.

“dandelion a weed, no matter how many times you try to kill it or make it go away, it pops back up”


et cetera